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Russian Business Visa Application Form

  1. All invitations will be processed through the Federal Migration Service of Moscow and all telexes – through the MFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs). Invitaion can be faxed, e-mailed or mailed to you. Telexes are sent by the MFA directly to the chosen Russian Consulate.
  2. Ufortunately, we do not provide visa support for the citizens of African, Asian and Middle East countries. The exception is Singapore, South Africa and Japan).
  3. We will start processing your visa support the next business day after we receive your full application and payment.
  4. To obtain your visa, present the official visa support or telex number at your local Russian Embassy or Consulate. For telexes - we will tell you the telex number when it is sent. For invitations - we will send the invitation to you by e-mail or express mail (express mail service is not included in the price) to any country in the world.

After filling this form don't forget to send us your passport photocopy by e-mail: info@onlinevisa.ru

Fields of the form, written in italic, are not obligatory.

12 working days 8 working days 3-4 working days
Single entry visa for 1 month $53 $97 $0
Single entry visa for 3 months $53 $97 $0
Double entry visa for 1 month $53 $97 $0
Double entry visa for 3 months $53 $97 $0
  16 business days 12 business days 13-15 business days
Multiple visa for 6 months $106 $176 $0
Multiple visa for 1 year $106 $176 $0
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